Your Prophetic Rulership | E-book


It is essential for those who are called by God to understand their prophetic rulership.

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Many people do not want to acknowledge God’s existence. They are more willing to submit to human rulership, even though they know that human rule creates restrictions, hardships, and poverty. They tolerate the government because it allows for a considerable measure of selfishness. The government does not encourage deep-seated internal changes or align one’s life with what is “right.” Human rule has deluded people with a false sense of autonomy. This false autonomy has crippled many people’s dreams and potential. They live sedentary and often mediocre lives when God has a superior plan for them. People feel caged and helpless in their circumstances. People are turning to all kinds of external means of solving their problems- which always brings temporary solutions.

Understanding their prophetic rulership is vital to the destiny of those whom God has called. “Our unique positions as Kings, in the kingdom of God, allows us to dominate, rule and take possession of the blessings that have been given to us eternally through Jesus.” (Prophetic Rulership). If you do not understand your role in the kingdom of God, then you are subject to the ways of the world, and you end up making an experiment on your life.


  • How to reconcile your life with your God-given authority.
  • ​How to regain any power that you have lost to your circumstances?
  • ​How to use declarations and decrees to effect a change in your life.
  • ​​How to use prayers to remove hindrances and obstacles.

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