My Services

Need Analysis: 15 Minutes

With my need analysis service, we have the time to discuss and talk about one (1) specific issue that you are encountering in your life, relationships, career, business or spiritual life. This is a virtual session, taking place via phone call.

Virtual Life Consultation: 60 Minutes

This is an in-depth look at certain situations in your life. These sessions can either take place via Skype Video, or over the phone. Includes: prayer of inquiry, prayer of direction. Hardcopy report of consultation also available for an additional fee.

Areas of Expertise/Topics Covered During Consultations:

The following topics and areas of concern can be covered during any one of the consulting services that I provide:

Career & Employment


Marital Relationship


Family & Children

Legal Issues



Virtual Life Consultation: 90 Minutes

This 90 minute virtual call takes more time to look into the various aspects of your life. This consult includes: prayer of inquiry, prayer of direction and solid, actionable steps to follow after consultation.  These sessions can either take place via Skype Video, or over the phone.

In-Person Life Consultation: 90 Minutes

Meet with me, one-on-one! Let’s sit down and strategize your love-life, career, children’s lives and more. My in-person sessions take place in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, however, I can fly  down to you to meet you at your location. If this interests you, please call: 1-833-333-4476.