I help Christians who are ready to change their lives, live their God-given purpose, achieve their heart’s desires, and leave a lasting legacy for future generations and their community.


What i do

i coach

As a spiritual guide and prophet, I provide insight and spiritual guidance to empower individuals to reach their full potential. My goal is to inspire personal growth, foster clarity, and create positive transformations in my clients’ lives through prophecy. As a prophetic coach, I assist individuals in tapping into their inner wisdom and intuition, guiding them toward their life’s purpose.

i counsel

As a Prophetic Counsellor, I provide guidance, support, and spiritual insight to individuals facing various life challenges. Using divine wisdom and prophetic insight, I will help clients gain clarity, healing, and personal transformation.

i write

My goal is to inspire and enlighten readers on their spiritual journeys with prophetic insights, spiritual wisdom, and divine inspiration.

who do i work with

Christians who believe in the prophetic.

Christians who want to understand the role and relevance of prophecy in their lives.

Christians seeking solutions to their specific concerns.

connect with me

I will partner with you and help you get on the path to living the life God intended for you.

Success stories

"Directions received to solve my financial setback have yielded positive results. I used to borrow from my friends to make ends meet for myself and my family, but God is taking care of it since I met Prophet Charles."
Shawn K.
"I have seen changes in my finances. Before meeting Prophet Charles, I wouldn't know where my money would go after being paid. My bank account would be in overdraft but thank God that my account has been in good standing for the past few months. I know it's going to get better from this day on. Trust and believe God's servant, Prophet Charles. Whatever he tells you to do, please do it. I am a living testimony."
Karen B.
United Kingdom
"I am very grateful to God for using Prophet Charles to help me get a job promotion. I have worked at my company for over 22 years and have been passed over for promotion. But I finally got a managerial role with the Holy Spirit in Prophet Charles."
Augustus S.
South Africa

the prophetic flow


Learn how to move forward in life with the guidance and leadership of God.