Author, Speaker, and Spiritual Counselor. Founder of Vineyard School of the Prophetic & Theological Studies and True Vine Ministerial Network

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Charles Gwira is a dynamic speaker, author, spiritual leader, and certified pastoral counsellor. He is the founder of Vineyard School of the Prophetic & Theological Studies, an accredited organization for men and women of faith to further enhance their prophetic gifts. His message to this generation is clear: without knowing oneself through the light of God, man is lost. Charles Gwira coaches men and women worldwide and is well known for his ability to help people discover their greatness, and walk in a path of  godliness and favor. He encourages people to stand firm in plans that they’ve made to take control of their own lives. He believes that attracting confidence, boldness and a daring attitude starts with loving yourself and being connected to God. Charles Gwira is the author of the books, “A Prophet’s Advice: Volume 1” and “A Prophet’s Advice: Volume 2”.

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A Prophet’s Advice: Volume 1 & 2

Walk in Victory in Every Area of Your Life!

As a Matchmaker and President of the Pope Agency, Rebecca has years of experience matching, coaching, and listening to men from all walks of life.  As the founder of Godly Girls, a global organization for women of faith, she knows and understands the struggle that good women have with dating in today’s times. Rebecca shares her own love story along with her numerous dating experiences. In these pages, you’ll discover:

There is hope and victory for you at every turn!

Be Bold! Be Strong! Be United With Your Vision!

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